Tri Lift

Tri Lift


Auto Rack StorageModels: Tri-Lift, Tri-Lift XL


The Harding Steel Tri-Lift© is the most cost effective way to triple the capacity of a single standard parking space. Known as the “three-high” or “three -car stacker,” the Tri-Lift and Tri-Lift XL models are the ultimate space maximizers, allowing three vehicles to be stacked in a single parking space. The Tri-Lift can accommodate both cars and SUVs and can be configured for drive-through operation.

Harding Steel offers the Tri-Lift in both standard width (8 feet) and wide width (8 feet 6 inches) versions. The lift features 100% galvanized platforms and painted legs, which can be color-customized. The Tri-Lift parking system utilizes a hydraulic and cable-based lifting system that is both efficient and extraordinarily safe.

Each Tri-lift features a unique “anti-fall” device and steel locking system. These lifts, when installed in rows and sharing common legs, dramatically boost space efficiency. Individual key-operated control boxes for high-density, valet operations come standard with each Tri-Lift. The Tri-Lift is exclusively manufactured in the U.S.

The Harding Steel Tri-Lift requires site work prior to installation. Contact Harding Steel directly or download the Tri-Lift Info Kit for site requirements and machine details.Out Tri-lifts are specifically designed for Car Stacking Product System and Auto Rack Storage.


  • 100% hot-dipped, galvanized steel vehicle platforms
  • Custom painted legs (standard color is blue)
  • Available in standard (8′) and wide (8′ 6″) models
  • Can be configured for each facility and project
  • Central hydraulic power system
  • Drive-through capable for tandem operation


  • Anti-fall devices on every corner post
  • Steel locks
  • Manual lock release
  • Cable collars for additional cable protection
  • Key operated, valet user controls with positive pressure up/down buttons


  • One year electrical
  • Two year mechanical
  • Five year structural