Storage Rack System

Storage Rack System


Storage rack systemHigh Density Vehicle Storage Rack System

Models: 2 Level, 3 Level

The High Density Vehicle Storage Rack System (HDVSRS) has been developed for the storage of vehicles that have been collected due to extensive damage, police evidence, parking impound violations, abandonment, and automotive recycling operations. Vehicles do not need to be started for storage or retrieval. Vehicles with extensive damage or immobilized can be stored on any level of the storage rack systems.

With proper planning and implementation, the Vehicle Storage Rack System can become a revenue producing component to parking, impound, and law enforcement operations.

The High Density Vehicle Storage Rack System is a cost effective solution for municipalities, salvage yards, and impound facilities that are faced with a problem with storing a large amount of vehicles. The system has been derived from the recreational marine storage facilities found all over the country. The steel racks are engineered and produced by Harding Steel and are paired with a fork lift system to place the vehicles onto the storage racks.

The Harding Steel Storage Rack System utilizes basic structural steel, 100% hot dipped galvanized, and has been structurally engineered specifically for this purpose. There are specific site preparations that will be required by Harding Steel in order to effectively install the Vehicle Storage Rack System. Please contact Harding Steel directly to discuss your specific needs.

Ease of Use

Harding Steel installs and services every system we manufacture and sell. Our national installation, technical and service center is headquartered in Kearny, New Jersey. We deploy our installation teams across the U.S. and Canada from this logistics hub for field operations, materials supply, parts management, and kitting services. Depending on location and local work regulations, we utilize our network of regional distributors or local subcontractors with trade specialties required for each job. Annual service and support contracts are available on all of our systems.

Client list includes New York City Police Department Impound Lot This is a custom configured solution. Slated to open in the fall of 2011, this facility (pictured) is the largest municipal impound vehicle lot in the world employing vertical storage rack systems. Please contact Harding Steel to discuss your project.