Car Loft

Car Loft


The CARLOFT by Harding Steel has been developed for the discriminating custom home owner and custom home builder. The design principle behind this system enables vehicles to be stored in the otherwise unused attic or “loft” space often found above conventional garage bays. This machine is in essence “lofting” the cars above the garage floor up and out of the way.

Harding Steel has developed this product for both residential and commercial hydraulic auto lift projects. The CARLOFT can be designed into new construction and with careful planning and execution may be retrofitted into existing homes. No longer are traditional lifts needed that mount to the garage floor and take up space. You are getting your surface area back and never have to pull under a traditional lift again. Gone are the days of vertical posts that are in the way of doors, mirrors, and people.

Harding Steel is offering this system in a variety of standard garage configurations with dimensions that can be configured to the individual project.


  • Available in Two, Three, and Four bay custom configured systems
  • Uniquely configured to each individual garage
  • Utilizes a steel beam structure stretched into the 4 corners of the garage space
  • Vertical beams are hidden behind garage door divisions and corners of the garage
  • Can be painted to match the garage
  • Suspended platforms lift vehicles into the available overhead loft/attic space
  • All electric motors, no hydraulics
  • Can be retro-fit into existing garages
  • Creates something no residential vehicle lift can.Clean, usable, available space
  • Lifted platforms can be configured to 7, 8, 9, even 10 feet overhead, leaving the garage floor surface clean,uncluttered and “family friendly”.
  • Vehicles that are driven daily can be pulled in and out of the garage without having to navigate around steel posts and platforms
  • Not just for cars!!! Can be used to store anything overhead – ATVs, Motorcycles, Golf Carts, and lots of miscellaneous


  • Anti-fall devices are integrated into every platform
  • Upper and lower limit switches to ensure platform settings and placement
  • Photo beams to detect when a car is in the lower space eliminating the risk of lowering any upper platforms
  • Onto a lower parked vehicle
  • 220V Single Phase Power
  • Key lock controls
  • Installed by factory technicians anywhere in the USA and Canada


  • One year electrical
  • Two year mechanical
  • Five year structural