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Parking Automation Systems offers many approaches to enhancing your vehicle storage. Each system affords unique benefits to your project.

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The value of land in urban areas has long ago eclipsed the point where surface parking lots are economically viable. Concrete parking structures represent the first step toward better utilization of space for parking in high-density commercial areas. However, there is better technology to achieve a higher utilization of valuable land.

Today, the need to go beyond the storage density afforded by conventional parking structures can be met with mechanical parking systems. The next generation of convenient vehicle storage utilizes steel structures and mechanical devices. These systems enhance esthetics, safety, and security and provide storage densities far greater than conventional parking structures.

Parking Automation Systems Company offers a wide range of automated parking systems. They range from both long established proven technologies to the state of the art robot driven systems. We can review your parking needs and assist you in selecting systems that will allow your project to achieve maximum vehicle storage.


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Parking Automation Systems offers a broad line of mechanized parking products. Our staff can evaluate the special needs of your project, and offer solutions, which will make the very best use of the limited space you have to store automobiles.